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Every tool on this page provides efficiency or backup safety. Some are so cheap that it’s almost silly to not have them. Others are not cheap but still a good idea.

After 43 years in business, the one thing that we know for sure is that, “bad things never happen at a good time”. Just glance at this page, to remember what is available, when you need it.

Not having a replacement cutter blade is similar to driving a long trip, without a spare tire. Blades do occasionally break and sooner or later they all get dull. A spare is cheap insurance.

Graphtec Cutter Parts

Graphtec 0.9mm Standard Vinyl Cutting Blades

Graphtec 0.9mm Standard Vinyl Cutting Blades – GT-CB09UA
Purchase - $77.50

These blades are genuine Graphtec 0.9mm, 45° Tungsten Carbide replacement blades. They fit the Graphtec CE-5000-60 and Craft ROBO Pro plotter cutters that we offer and are what comes with the original plotter cutter. Spare blades are the one item that we would have, above all else.

Graphtec 0.9mm Standard Vinyl Cutting Blades

Graphtec 1.5mm Vinyl Cutting Blades – GT-CB15U-2
Purchase - $99.50

This specialty blade is useful if you are cutting a lot of rhinestone stencils or vinyl flock. It must be used only with the Red Tip blade holder (PHP32-CB15N-HS). The extra thick blade and very robust Red Tip holder provide a very long lasting cutting platform.

Graphtec 0.9mm Standard Vinyl Cutting Blades

Graphtec 1.5mm Standard Vinyl Cutting Blades – PHP32-CB15N-HS
Purchase - $105.00

The Red Tip blade holder is specifically for the 1.5mm blade (GT-CB15U-2). This blade holder is only for Graphtec cutters and only for the GT-CB15U-2 blade.

Sure-Cut 0.9mm Standard Vinyl Cutting Blades

Sure-Cut 0.9mm Standard Vinyl Cutting Blades – GAP-SC-1945 (one)
Purchase - $19.25

This 0.9mm, 45° Carbide replacement blade is from GAP. They fit the Graphtec CE-5000-60 and Craft ROBO Pro plotter cutters that we sell. They are offered for those who may be on a tight budget but still want a very good replacement blade.

Sure-Cut 0.9mm Standard Vinyl Cutting Blades

Silhouette replacement blades – Silh-blade-3
Purchase - $12.99

This replacement blade is compatible with all Silhouette electronic cutting tools. Contains one blade and instructions for its installation.
(Not compatible with the discontinued blade pin SILH-BLADE-R2).

Sure-Cut 0.9mm Standard Vinyl Cutting Blades

Spatula – GT-TOOL-03
Purchase - $6.99

The Silhouette spatula is the perfect tool to lift delicate designs from the cutting mat without curling or tearing. The pointed tip makes it easy to slide under cutout designs and work around the most intricate shapes.

CE5000-60 Replacement Teflon Cutting Mat – 621350041-00 (one)
Purchase - $22.50

This is the replaceable teflon cutting mat located under the cutting area of the blade.

Cutter Tools and Accessories

Vinyl Cutter Carrier Sheet – CUT-MAT-24
Purchase - $19.99

A carrier sheet has a “sticky” area on it and is used to firmly hold small items during cutting.

Note - Sheet size is 12" x 24". Fits the CAMEO and the Craft Robo Pro.

Package contains one (1) sheet.

Vinyl Cutter Carrier Sheet

Vinyl Cutter Carrier Sheets (pack of two sheets)– GT-CR09300K-A3
Purchase - $54.00

A carrier sheet has a “sticky” area on it and is used to firmly hold small items during cutting.

Adhesive size is 10.5" x 18" (will hold 11" x 17" sheets)

Note - Fits the CE-5000-60, CE-6000-60, CE-6000-40 and the Craft Robo Pro.

Package contains two (2) sheets.

12" cutting mat

Vinyl Cutter Carrier Sheet– CUT-MAT-12
Purchase - $14.99

A carrier sheet has a “sticky” area on it and is used to firmly hold small items during cutting.

Note - Fits the CAMEO cutter only.

Package contains one (1) sheet.

12" cutting mat

PixScan cutting mat–CUT-MAT-PIX12-3T New!
Purchase - $14.99

CAMEO PixScan cutting mat designed to make a print and cut job much easier than ever before.

Using a standard camara, phone or scanner, you will be able to use all of the paper size for your image.

Eliminating the registration marks will give you more area on the paper to create larger images than ever before.

Note - Only for the CAMEO cutter.

Package contains one (1) sheet.

Needle Nose Tweezers Super Weeding Tool – GAP-WT-CTX1
Purchase - $9.00

This tool has a curved pointed tip and a non-slip yellow poly handle that will allow you to weed out the smallest image. Tool is packaged in a plastic tube for easy storage.

Needle Nose Tweezers Needle Nose Tweezers – GAP-TW-PX1
Purchase - $5.05

Single set of high quality stainless steel tweezers. These are perfect for picking and weeding small, enclosed details, like inside an “A”. The tweezers are packaged in a plastic tube.

Weeding Tool - Ball Tip Weeding Tool - Ball Tip – GAP-WT-BTX1
Purchase - $7.00

Unique vinyl weeding/masking film stripping tool, with a ball tip point that will not damage clear film substrates. This tool is perfect for “lifting” the corner of a cut vinyl sheet, in preparation to weeding the entire sheet. The tool is packaged in a plastic tube.

Hobby Knife with Safety Cap Hobby Knife with Safety Cap – GAP-XB-SCX1
Purchase - $4.80

We include this kit, free, with all new Graphtec cutters. It is a single high quality cutting knife holder with two XACTO™ type XB-7E blades, and a handy pointed weeding tool. It comes with a safety cap in a plastic tube.

Knife Blades Knife Blades – GAP-XB-7EX100
Purchase - $18.90

These blades are sharp all the way to the point and have a multitude of handy uses. At less than 20¢ a blade, there is no reason to ever fool with a dull blade. This box of 100 blades substitutes for the XACTO™ blade #X611 and fits both of the above holding tools.

These racks are not essential but, as you grow, they are very handy. Get them when you need them.

Material Saver Rack Material Saver Rack – GAP-MS-1000
Purchase - $75.70

The Material Saver Rack sits on the floor, in front of cutter plotters on a stand. It is 30” long by 24” wide and the curved shape allows long vinyl jobs to curl into the rack. Considering the dust, dirt and hair on most floors, you don’t want vinyl touching it. If you don’t have one, use a large box.

“Chrome Plated” Wall Mount Material Rack “Chrome Plated” Wall Mount Material Rack – GAP-WR-1600
Purchase - $59.50

These are handy little critters. We use five of them ourselves, for storage. The heavy gauge wire racks hold 16 rolls of 3 inch core diameter material without using valuable floor space. This rack is durable enough to hold even up to 16 rolls of 30 in. x 50 yd. material with ease. This is a very convenient way to protect vinyl rolls and quickly find what you want. Adjustable screw mounting clips are included, allowing alignment with studs in most walls.

“Chrome Plated” Floor Stand Rack “Chrome Plated” Floor Stand Rack – GAP-FS-7230
Call to Order - $667.00

If you need this rack, we offer a Tip O’ The Alpha Hat; you are selling a whole lot of something!

This product is made of heavy gauge wire and constructed to hold 72 rolls of 3” inch core diameter material; up to 2000 lbs. total. Just being able to quickly see and find multiple colored vinyl rolls will save you hours of time, to say nothing of the added protection of valuable inventory. This unit easily assembles in less than ten minutes. The 6 parts are easily assembled with a flat head screw driver. The unit has 9 ball caster rollers to allow easy movement, even with the stand fully loaded. Size: 30in. x 30 in. x 64in. Allow 7-10 days for delivery. FREE freight- continental US.

Revised: March 18, 2015

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