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Graphtec Studio DEMO

Below we will demonstrate how easy it is to do a cut out image for a colored fabric using the new Graphtec Studio and BlueGrid opaque heat transfer paper.

Graphtec Studio was designed especially for you, the one using the software. Graphtec Studio is easy to learn and easy to use with tools that are very fast and intuitive.

The first step was to create a file sized and centered to fit.

These tools are easy to use and very fast!

We used the trace tool to trace the image. I zoomed in to see the resulting red trace lines.
Then we added the registration marks and moved them as close as .20" to the image and made sure to be at least .25" from the edge of the paper.
We printed the image out onto BlueGrid heat transfer paper using the settings we recomend for this paper (medium quality, plain paper setting).
Next we placed the printed image onto a cutting mat and let the cutter do its job.

Next we removed the excess film from the paper known as "weeding".

First we removed the weed border (the part you see removed in the picture) then we removed the rest of the unwanted transfer.

We placed transfer tape on the weeded image to lift it from the paper.

Now for the easy part- pressing the image to a shirt.

We used the instructions for our paper (30 sec @ 375°).

After pressing, we allowed the transfer to completely cool before removing the tape.

And here is the finished product!

Special note about opaque transfers - Although Graphtec cutters can cut fine lines out, we should never allow the transfer to be less than 1/16 in width. For instance if I were cutting out a cat and cut out the whiskers, the whiskers would need to be at least 1/16 in width to make sure that part of the transfer does not wear off prematurely.

The smoother and finer the fabric,
the skinnier the transfer can be and the longer it will last.


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