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Graphtec CE5000-60

Graphtec CE6000-60

Size - 24" cuts 23.7" wide, up to 164' long
List $2,195 - Our Price $1,745
In stock - same day shipping (order below)

Graphtec CE5000-60For a top-line vinyl cutter, the Graphtec CE-6000-60 is very reasonably priced, has an excellent reputation and comes with a great many useful features. Features, of course, are only interesting talking points unless they give you benefits that help you stay productive…and profitable!

To help understand the relevance of some of the important benefits, see the below chart. We have compared the Graphtec CE-6000-60 to another popular vinyl cutter, the Roland GX-24

List Price $1,295 $2,195 $2,195 The difference stays the same, even with discounts
Avg. Sale Price $1,196 $1,745 $1,795 50 bucks is still 50 bucks
Comes with stand No Yes - $0 No - $295 Need we say more?
Max Speed 24"/sec. 35"/sec. 20"/sec On big jobs, seconds save minutes and often hours
Max Cut Pressure 300 grams 300 grams 250 grams Extra available pressure can mean less waste and more options

We've deliberately kept the list short just to give you a sample. However, there are many other important specs if you want to read about them.

Click Here For Full Specifications (pdf)
If you need a pdf reader -

The CE-6000-60 cutter easily handles five different types of jobs:

  • Vinyl Heat Transfer CuttingVinyl Heat Transfer Cutting - Design a layout, using graphics and/or lettering on your computer. When you send the job to the vinyl cutter, it outline cuts the entire job. You remove the layout from the vinyl cutter, weed it (weeding is easily removing the vinyl that is not part of the graphic) and apply the design to the garment with a heat press.
    "How is that done?"

  • Heat Transfer Cutting: Opaque FilmsHeat Transfer Cutting (opaque film)- Print a graphic, along with registration marks, on opaque heat transfer paper with an inkjet printer. Remove the completed print from your printer and place in the cutter. The CE-6000-60 "reads" the registration marks and perfectly outline cuts the graphic. Our Alpha Gold Dark or BlueGrid opaque paper works perfectly with the cutter. "How is that done?"

  • Heat Transfer Cutting  clear filmHeat Transfer Cutting (clear film for white shirts) – Print graphics and even words, along with registration marks, on Alpha Double Green heat transfer paper with an inkjet printer. Remove the completed print from your printer and place in the cutter. The CE-6000-60 “reads” the registration marks and perfectly outline cuts the graphic. “How Is That Done?Important Note – A great many heat transfer papers for white shirts cannot be cut and weeded (peeled) like Alpha Double Green.

  • Vinyl Sign Cutting - Although we only sell heat transfer vinyl, the cutter easily handles cutting sign vinyl (Note: The back of sign vinyl is already sticky and is applied with pressure. Heat transfer vinyl becomes sticky, when applied with heat). If you ever start cutting sign vinyl, the big 23.7" cutting area of the CE-6000-60 is also a plus, as a common sign size is 18"x24".

  • Etching and Sandblast Resist Stencil Cutting - The stencil material used in this process is very similar to vinyl sign material and cuts very nicely on the CE-6000-60.

FREE Software that you get with the CE-6000-60

Cutting Master 3 - This Plug-in Driver allows direct output from your graphic program and in effect, turns it into a vinyl cutting program for:

  • Corel DRAW Plug-in for Windows
  • Adobe Illustrator Plug-in for Windows and Mac

Plotter Controller - The controller software enables you to control many functions of the CE-5000 directly from the printer, like cutting speed, cutting force and ARMS.

Graphtec Studio - This simple, and easy to learn, software can be used directly for editing and cutting letters and preprogrammed patterns. It also supports Print & Cut and most truetype fonts.

Windows Driver - This tells your computer, "Hey, I'm a plotter cutter".

Compatible Software to use with Cutting Master 3
*Note - full version is required, student and trial versions will not work.

Corel DRAW:

  • For Windows - Version 10, 11, 12, X3, X4 and up
  • Operating System - Windows 98SE, ME 2000, XP, Vista and higher

Adobe Illustrator -

  • For Windows - 8, 9, 10, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and up
  • Operating System - Windows 98SE, ME 2000, XP, Vista and higher

  • For MAC - 10, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4
  • Operating System - OSX, 10.2 or later

You don't have to spend a fortune on the latest and greatest program! We paid 89 bucks for CorelDraw 11 and it works just fine!

Search for CorelDraw on Google << This opens a new window
Search for Adobe Illustrator on Google << This opens a new window

Why do I have to have a separate graphics program, to run the cutter?

Neither inkjet printers nor vinyl cutter plotters can move, without being told what to do and how. That's the function of all programs.

Graphtec provides two excellent choices: if you already know CorelDRAW or Illustrator, then use it, along with the free software plug-ins and you are good to go.

If you don’t have a graphics program (or are maybe not the sharpest knife in the drawer using it) then i-DesignR™ PRO gives you a first-rate program and free Training DVD, to shorten the learning curve. Check it out

You're probably getting a little tired about now, so this seems like a good place to wrap it up on the 24" CE-6000-60 cutter.

Our Final Thoughts - We are very keen on the CE-6000-60. If you want to get serious about heat applied vinyl opportunities, this cutter plotter will serve you well and grow with you.

If you are serious, but the budget is a bit limited, then consider the Graphtec CE6000-40, in the next section. It is smaller and cheaper, but still a fine cutter, with all the software choices of the big cutter

There is no absolutely no doubt that printed heat transfers and vinyl cut decorations provide more T-shirt transfer business opportunities

Should you start your T-shirt business with just printed transfers (Alpha heat transfer paper and TransMagic! inks), just a vinyl cutter or…both. We don'no. All three choices are workable.

  • Inkjet printed transfers only – Lord knows, there is always a market for nicely printed, full-color photos and graphics. Churches, family reunions, schools, civic organizations, charities, teams, individuals and others, provide excellent year-round opportunities. You can use flock letters and numbers and uniform numbers (learn about these, later in your tour) to round out your decorated T-shirt offerings.

  • Vinyl Cut transfers only – There are many profitable jobs best done with a vinyl cutter. These include extensive lettering and numbering, offering specific font sizes, styles and colors, highly decorative fashion work using neon, metallic, prismatic, etc. vinyl colors and solid object designs, with nothing but the design on the garment. Many also use their cutter to put quotes and sayings on garments.

  • Combining inkjet printed and vinyl cutting – This is a very complete setup. What advantages one method doesn’t offer, the other does, and vice versa. Also, the ability to contour (outline) cut inkjet printed transfers (like we showed above) is a real winner with many customers.

Consider your situation, budget and desires carefully. Consult with us anytime at 800-908-9916. We've got a lot of experience and will give you honest answers. Above all, remember the old pilot's saying, called the 5 P's: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. We want you to succeed!

Graphtec CE5000-60Graphtec CE6000-60
Size - 24" cuts 23.7" wide, up to 164' long

List $2,195
Our Price $1,745

Purchase - In stock - Same day shipping
Free Shipping in the continental US

What you get in the package

  • CE6000-60 24" vinyl cutter
  • Free weeding tool
  • Quick start manual
  • Cutter blade
  • Roll-medium tray
  • Power cord
  • Two year warranty from Graphtec
  • Graphtec Studio
  • Stand for the cutter
  • Cutter Guide CD
  • Cutter plunger
  • Water based fiber-tip pen
  • Vinyl media cutter
  • USB cable


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