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This page is for a quick overview of our entire site. The main site is a page by page A-Z tutorial to help you hit the ground running and on the right foot. More knowledge means more profits!

In “T-shirt Basics

You learn about the basic tools you must have for your business, practical information to understand your choices and hard facts that dispel some of the myths of the T-shirt business.

In “Heat Transfer Paper

You learn that there are two basic types. One is for white shirts and the other is for colored shirts. Alpha offers three different types of paper for white shirts and one for colored shirts.

The three most popular heat transfer papers are Alpha Double Green, Jet-Pro SofStretch and Alpha Gold Dark.

  • Alpha Double GreenAlpha Double Green and RedGrid are very similar papers designed for white shirts Alpha Double Green can produce a slight sheen or a matte finish on the shirt and both are great for making the image look more like a photograph.

  • Jet-Pro SofStretchJet-Pro SofStretch- is also for white shirts and the finished transfer is a flat, matte finish, with no shine. However, it has the softest feel and is the best paper to use when you need to have lettering off the image.

  • Alpha Gold DarkAlpha Gold Dark and BlueGrid are for colored fabrics. This type of transfer is called an opaque paper. The film has to be white enough to show off the inks and thick enough to block out the color of the fabric.

In “Heat Transfer Inks” and “Epson Ink Systems

TransMagic! Inks are especially formulated for heat transfer paper printing. The colors are brilliant, the inks don’t clog your printer and doesn't’t turn when heat is applied and resists washing. Best of all, the inks are 80% cheaper than using regular cartridges.

MagicFlow! CIS Unit is a continuous ink system. In the printer, there are cartridges, with surgical tubing attached to each one. The tubing runs out of the printer and attaches to reservoir tanks sitting beside the printer. Individual tanks are refilled from bottles of ink.

CIS units certain 4-color, 6-color and 8-color Epson printers. There are just too many printers for us to offer units for all of them, for a list of supported printers look on Epson Ink Systems.

In “Regular Inks

You learn that, as a point of fact, that almost any inkjet printer prints a nice image on heat transfer paper. However, a great many regular inks do not hold up in the wash.

  • Some regular inks wash out very easily. If you start off with regular inks, make sure that you make one shirt and wash it, to see how well it holds up in the wash. This is a better way for you to find out, than having an angry customer bringing a shirt back.

  • If you are going to print with regular ink cartridges you should read the entire page to keep from goofing.

More Information...

Graphtec Vinyl Cutters

On this page learn about premium CADtex T-shirt Vinyl. These 19.5” vinyl rolls offer solid quality, a very reasonable price and an excellent selection. The page has colors, prices, FAQ’s and more.

ThermoFlex Plus T-shirt Vinyl

On this page learn about ThermoFlex Plus T-shirt Vinyl. These 15” vinyl rolls are offered as a solid alternative to standard vinyl. The page has colors, prices, FAQ’s and more.

In “Choosing a Heat Press

You will learn that there are three general types of heat presses: swing-away, draw and clamshell with auto-open and air operated options.

Swing-Away heat presses lift up an inch or so and then “swing” to the right. Prices range from $325 for a 9x12 hobby press to $1,850 for a very professional 16x20 press. There are also many other sizes and prices in this category.

Clamshell heat presses open straight up and are not swung to the side. Prices range from $625 for an 11x15 production press to $1,450 for a 16x20 Auto-open clamshell. Again, there are many other choices in size and price in this category.

Draw style heat presses give you the convieniance of a swing-away without the space required to operate them. A draw press opens strait up like a swinger but the bottom platen pulls out like a drawer. We offer the Stahls Fusion 16x20 heat press which offers both swing-away and draw options in one press.

If you don’t know much about presses, you will want to start by clicking on “Choosing a Heat Press” on the left.

We list and stock heat press machines from three different manufacturers: Stahls', HIX and Geo Knight. Each section provides insights into the different brands and types

In “Decorating Tools

We discuss the different tools that make doing your job easier. These tools include “TeeSquare”, "Logo It!", Teflon Pads and Sheets.

In "Software"

We provide information about the easy to use “Hanes T-shirt Maker Deluxe” and "i-DesignR" design software as well as Rhinestone fonts available.

Designing made easy

In “Pro Tips and Tricks

As the title implies, this page contains dozens of tidbits of useful and practical information, to help you be more successful in your business. All of this information was learned the old-fashioned way; by experience!

Testimonials contains a few of the comments and thoughts from our customers. These are real people, doing real work, just like you will be doing.

Find prices for our ink, heat transfer paper and flock letters and numbers by clicking on that link at the top left of this site. Right under it, check out “BIZ Deals & Packages” for complete, practical packages

This wraps up our overview page and was presented to give you a quick run-through of the entire website.

If you want to drill down deep, for all the facts, start up at the top left, with “T-shirt Basics”. We literally get many dozens of calls a month that start of with “I’ve printed out your entire website to be my starting guide, but I have a few more questions…”

However, if you want to stop here and call us for more information, go for it. Perhaps we are not the best salespeople in the world, but we are excellent, experienced teachers and we honestly answer all questions.

Have a great day!

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