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Hanes® T- ShirtMaker® Deluxe

Now you can make custom designed T-Shirts and other personalized gifts just like the pros. Hanes® T-ShirtMaker® Deluxe is perfect for kids' projects, birthday parties, team jerseys, fund raisers, grandparent gifts, vacation souvenirs, and even business promotions. Hanes T-ShirtMaker Plus offers the latest in photo editing tools, clip art, pre-made designs, and more.

Includes Everything You Need for Personalized T-Shirts and Gifts

  • Over 20,000 clip art images categorized by subject and project
  • Over 2,500 ready-made designs for any project
  • Over 1,000 fun font special effects

Create Great-Looking T-shirts and Personalized Gifts
Choose from simple, ready-made designs and get started quickly. Just pick a template and add your photos and words. Apply warping shapes to bend your text and art items. Choose from included fonts and styles, or experiment with photo filters and embossing effects. Create personalized, professional results in minutes.

Quick and Simple - Easy as 1-2-3
Your Imagination, Your Words, Your Designs. Place your design on t-shirts, caps, aprons, tote bags, visor caps, sweatshirts, shorts, and tank tops. Create decals, signs, and stickers to place on windows and mirrors. Produce labels for gift tags, bottles, jars, lunch boxes, and more.

Everything You Need to Get Started
Includes over 20,000 clip art, images, 2,500 ready-made designs and thousands of fun font effects.

All sales are final, refunds are not available on this software.

Hanes T-ShirtMaker Deluxe (included in some of our Heat Press/Paper Deals)
Only $29.95 - Purchase (comes on a CD)

System Requirements
Pentium® 166 PC or better
Microsoft® Windows® ME, 98 , XP, 2000, Vista, 7
Does not currently support Windows 8
60 MB (run clip art from CD) 512 MB (full install w/ clip art)
64 MB RAM (256 recommended)
CD-ROM Drive
800x600, 16 bit or higher display
Color Ink Jet Printer

Graphtec developed i-DesignR Pro vinyl and rhinestone software to help you get started creating professionally designed work as good looking, fast and profitable as possible.

Yes, the free Cutting Master 2 (plug-in software that works with CorelDRAW) software that comes with all Graphtec cutters, works and works very nicely. However, that does not change two other facts, which are equally true…

First, is the fact that you are still going to have to spend time in learning how to use the Cutting Master 2 program. Second, is the fact that if you want to one day do the really neat and profitable work, you will need to become a CorelDRAW expert.

I-DesignR Pro is a dedicated program that does it all for you, as you learn. Here is what Graphtec has to say about their program (my practical comments follow)…

Combine any vinyl with Rhinestones to achieve results people will talk about for a long time.

This design, created in i-DesignR Pro, combines Crystal Rhinestones with ThermoFlex DecoSparkle red film.

The film was applied first, then the Rhinestones.

i-DesignR® Pro is Graphtec’s exclusive graphic design software package for use with the CE and FC series of Graphtec professional cutting plotters. i-DesignR® Pro includes powerful vector editing, import filters, and automatic rhinestone pattern creation applied to your vector design — for the ultimate, custom apparel application. You can design using shape tools, clipart and single line fonts. The software includes a full Swarovski rhinestone library, rhinestone count and project cost capabilities, and multiple automatic fill patterns.

i-DesignR® Pro also contains all the standard sign specific layout tools and a full suite of text, vector and raster design tools for traditional vinyl signs, contour cut (Print and Cut) decals and stickers. Designs for heat transfer material can also be created for personalized shirts, sports wear, caps and more!

Download i-DesignR® Pro Brochure and Specs 1.3MB

Watch a 13 minute video about the entire i-DesignR Pro program

Watch an 8 minute "how to" video about Rhinestone work, with i-DesignR Pro

Thinking back to my retail decades, I was pretty hardnosed. I could’ve cared less about bells and whistles. I wanted to know what something would do to make my life easier and more profitable. I didn’t mind spending the bucks,Click Me... if it helped make my work the best and made me more money. Here are some of my thoughts about i-DesignR PRO - Jack

Rhinestones – The degree of sophistication with this program in making rhinestone templates is stunning! Basically, it will take almost any graphic (a bitmap) and, with a few clicks turn it into a line drawing (a vector map). Another click and correctly spaced and sized holes appear along the lines (like the detailed Phoenix). Another click and specific areas auto-fill (like the “winged heart”).

      Click me for a larger view

Place a piece of stencil material in your Graphtec and the cutter very quickly cuts all of those little holes. Weed the stencil, put it on a backing board and brush rhinestones into the holes. Lift the rhinestone design with transfer tape, place on your shirt, heat and presto…rhinestone decorated shirt.

Cutting Rhinestone Templates Video

Vinyl Decorated Shirts – There is a ton of money to be made in producing vinyl decorated garments and this program provides KISS tools to keep you on a profitable path. An amazing amount of easy, work consists of “putting black and white, on white and black”.

How is it done?

BUT…even more opportunities are possible because of the i-DesignR PRO artistic design tools. The entire “Colt’s” T-shirt was laid-out, designed and cut from the program. In addition, the program created the fashion looks, on the below shirts. “Wild Thang” is a font in the program, while the two “heart” shirts were colored pictures imported into the program, converted to a vector (line drawing) map and cut on our 24” Graphtec cutter.

Thermoflex film – (see following pages), left to right: Pink Zebra Fashion Flex, Blue Glitter Flex and Rainbow Deco Sparkle.

Contour cut, Printed graphics – It may take a second to wrap your head around the title, but the concept is easy to understand. To the left is a Unicorn picture, printed with our TransMagic! T-shirt Inks, on our Alpha Gold Dark heat transfer paper and pressed on a shirt. Without trimming, the picture looks like what you would expect…dog ugly! The shirt on the right was printed, going through the i-DesignR PRO program. The program turned the picture into a line drawing, vector map (you can’t see this, but the computer can) and printed a hash-mark in each corner. After printing, we put the printed picture on a carrier sheet (to hold it in the cutter), and put that into the cutter. We pushed one button, one time! The optical eye scanned the picture (a few seconds) and then cut the entire picture out (14 seconds). This produces a more upscale look and shirt and you should charge more. The big advantage to custom printed graphics is that you can print exact colors for your customer!

All of these prints have been cut out and the only thing you can see and feel is the actual printed graphics.

See how it’s done

Sophisticated Sign Making Abilities – Personally, I would probably look at this benefit as a cherry on top of the whipped cream and sundae…not the main thing, but a nice treat. Everything you need to run a sign business, is in the i-DesignR PRO program. While most of you may never actually go into sign business it is nice to know that you can generate another revenue stream, with just a couple of rolls of sign vinyl.

About The i-DesignR PRO program…and your business and profits.

You want to remember that the above is only the “big picture” overview of the program. I kept to the big stuff to keep the page from being too long (and maybe boring), but there are dozens of more features and benefits.

Here are a few more: Spell checker (handy for Hillbilly’s like me), e-mail job proofs to your customer, straight from the program, rhinestone counter (that lets you know exact rhinestone costs), auto-arc text for pleasing spacing, and much more.

The price of the program is not chump change but, in my professional experience, it is not exorbitantly priced either. Were I to go back into retail, I would buy it in a heartbeat! I have a reason for that…

From experience, I know that if I can buy something that helps me become an expert, quickly and easily, I will be able to generate sales and profits much, much quicker. That’s good!

The very last mind-blowing fact about i-DesignR PRO

As you were reading our words and looking at our pretty examples, you may have thought, I know those Alpha pros can do neat things, but could I learn? Well…experienced pros didn’t do the work. That was for a reason-

I wanted to test the ability of the program to teach beginners, like our customers. To do that, I asked two of our associates to spend some time watching and learning from the instructional DVD (neither had ever seen a vinyl cutter software program).

Over two days they watched and learned as much as they could (we are a small company so they had to fit it in, between their regular work). I then asked them to continue learning and to start making some “stuff”. Most of the “stuff” on this page is their work.

Yes, I was very proud of what they did (one is very new and had never even touched a vinyl cutter) but, because neither is a pro, I knew that we had a winner, that would help anyone.

i-DesignR PRO - $579 - Purchase
i-DesignR CE - $295
i-DesignR Lite - Info - $149 - Purchase

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit). Pentium III 450, 5GB Hard Drive, 128MB RAM

All software sales are final, no returns allowed

Graphtec i-DesignR CE dedicated software program - $295

i-DesignR™ CE is Graphtec’s first entry into a dedicated design and software program, for their vinyl cutters. As such, it is a much less powerful program, than the new PRO version of i-DesignR
The boxed program includes the software CD and a separate Training DVD. It also includes a USB Flash Dongle that goes into your USB port before using or installing the program (this is the “Open Sesame” key that lets everything work).

There is a FREE Training DVD that teaches you how to use all of the functions in the program, step by step, and all of the functions are specifically designed for use with the Graphtec cutters; see it, do it!
There are many things this program just won’t do (as compared to the PRO version). I personally wouldn’t buy this program, except for one reason…

If my budget was real tight, I might consider getting this version (to start my learning), while I saved my nickels and quarters, to also buy the upgrade (to the PRO version), listed below. Graphtec did do right by their existing customers.

The combined price of the CE version and upgrade is no higher than the original price of the PRO, so that is why you could “split” program and not pay more.

There is, however, one caveat! The PRO version is much more friendly and easier to learn than this CE version. In developing the very polished PRO version of their software, they knew that they would be competing against two other vinyl software companies. Because of that, they knew that the PRO version had to be very user friendly and well-worth the money.

Graphtec succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Not only is their program half the cost of the competition, it is so easy to learn and use, that sales have been booming. The competition is not happy!

Here are just a few pictures of the really
neat things i-DesignR CE™ does for you…

Click Here for a full spec sheet

i-DesignR PRO - $579 - Purchase
i-DesignR CE - $295
i-DesignR Lite - Info - $149 - Purchase

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit). Pentium III 450, 5GB Hard Drive, 128MB RAM

All software sales are final, no returns allowed


i-DesignR® Lite software allows the creation of original designs using various shape and drawing tools. It can also import clipart and bitmap files to aid the creative process. i-DesignR® Lite is perfect for vinyl signs, print and cut stickers and decals from desktop printers, scrapbooking, card applications and various apparel decoration applications.

i-DesignR® Lite can even create patterns for rhinestone designs. The software automatically applies the selected rhinestone, both size and color, to your vector design. This speeds the design process and concept approval for production. When used with rhinestone stencil material, your creations become a permanent design library for future use.

More info...

i-DesignR PRO - $579 - Purchase
i-DesignR CE - $295
i-DesignR Lite - $149 - Purchase

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit). Pentium III 450, 5GB Hard Drive, 128MB RAM

All software sales are final, no returns allowed

i-DesignR Pro Upgrade

This is a downloaded upgrade to turn the CE version (see above) of i-DesignR CE into the Pro version. If your budget is tight, you could get the simpler, cheaper CE version of i-DesignR now, and then upgrade later. You would still be spending no more total money.

Call Us: $295

i-DesignR Rhinestone Fonts Volume 1 and 2*

Easily create custom rhinestone designs with rhinestone ready fonts
The Graphtec Rhinestone Fonts software is available in two separate volumes for use with your i-DesignR software (Lite, CE and PRO)
Fifteen Fonts are included in each font volume
Conversion charts are included indicating the correct point size for each font to produce specific sized rhinestone text
Text created with each font can be edited including kerning and line spacing and are compatible with other i-DesignR text features
The fonts can be broken apart so individual stones in each character can be edited
Graphtec font conversion charts provide size values for seven different font sizes using stone sizes from 6ss to 30ss
Swarovski font conversion charts provide size values for eleven different font sizes using stone sizes 5ss to 48ss and are exclusive to i-DesignR Pro

*Must have i-DesignRŪ Software (Lite, CE or Pro) in order to install and use Graphtec Rhinestone Fonts.

Rhinestone Fonts Vol. 1 include: Andy, Arial, Boscribe, Combo, Curlz, Dakota, Double Line Letters, French Script, Lucida, Riesling, Techno, Times New Roman, Tiny Letters, Varsity Outline, Victory

Preview Volume 1 Fonts

i-DesignR Rhinestone Fonts Volume 1 - $99.00 - Purchase
All software sales are final, no returns allowed


Rhinestone Fonts Vol. 2 include: Amperzand, Bebe, Bella, Bradley Hand Writing, Brush Script, Bubbles, Chalkboard, Fiolex, Girls are Weird, Harrington, Night Club, Scribbl, Tiny Roman, Tiny Tiny, Varsity Filled

Preview Volume 2 Fonts

i-DesignR Rhinestone Fonts Volume 2 - $99.00 - Purchase
All software sales are final, no returns allowed

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