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Rhinestone Supplies and Tools

Alpha Sampler Kit – This kit gives you a sample of several items from Alpha Supply Co. The kit contains the following items-

3 sheets of Alpha Blue Line transfer paper, 2-12"x15" sheets of black and red ThermoFlex film, 2 sheets of card stock, 2 sheets of Rhinestone stencil material, 2 sheets of transfer tape, 2 rhinestone backer boards, 2 gross each of 10ss Capri Blue, Crystal,Lt. Siam rhinestones and an 8"x8" teflon sheet.

Purchase - $39.95 - alpha-sampler-kit

Rhinestone Basic Starter Kit – This kit is well worth the price. Just the normal cost of 50 gross of rhinestones pays almost half the cost. Kit includes 50 gross (7,200 pieces) of Crystal Clear rhinestones, 1 rhinestone brush with replacement pad, 5 – 8.5x11 stencil sheets for the templates, 5 – 8.5x11 backing boards for the stencil sheets, 5 – 8.5x11 transfer tape sheets, 1 – 14x14x3 work tray with lid and Rhinestone instruction guide.

Purchase - $69.99 - GR-RHINESTARTKIT

Alpha Rhinestone Pro Starter Kit – The Alpha Pro Kit includes 20,160 (10 of the most popular colors) of our first-quality AA Korean 10ss Hot-fix rhinestones and enough supplies to make dozens of templates.

  • 50 gross - Crystal Clear rhinestones
  • 10 gross - Cobalt Blue
  • 10 gross - Siam Ruby
  • 10 gross - Emerald
  • 10 gross - Citrine Yellow
  • 10 gross - Pink
  • 10 gross - Purple
  • 10 gross - Topaz
  • 10 gross - Jet Black
  • 10 gross - Golden Brown

Purchase - $249.95

  • 1 - Rhinestone Sample card
  • 10 Rhinestone stencil sheets
  • 10 - backing boards
  • 10 - transfer tape sheets
  • 1 - 14x14 work tray with lid
  • 1 - Rhinestone brush
  • 1 - Rhinestone eraser
  • Instruction sheet

Rhinestone Stencil Material

The stencil material has been specially formulated to produce high quality, precise rhinestone templates to allow the rhinestones to drop into the cut template with ease. When applied to a rhinestone backing board, the template (see example to right) can be reused hundreds of times.

Note – This material is designed to be cut with CE and FC series Graphtec cutters and other professional cutting plotters. Small scrap booking cutters may not have enough cutting force. Very dull blades may also present a problem.

Purchase: 15”x30’ - $95.99 - GRS1510-M
Purchase: 15”x15’ - $59.99 - GRS1505-M
Purchase: 15”x3’ - $12.49 - GRS1501-M

Call Us: 3 sheets 7.5x11 - $14.99

New Lower Price Sticky Flock

A new re-usable rhinestone template material and work station that can be used to create resuable and re-postionable Rhinestone designs.

Sticky Flock comes in two colors, pink and gray.

More Info..

14.5" x 5yd roll in pink or gray - $145.00 $99.00
14.5" x 12" sheet in pink or gray - $10.95 $8.50

20.25" x 16" Sticky Flock Work station - $48.95 $29.95


Rhinestone Transfer Tape

This transfer tape is sticky enough to easily hold your rhinestones, as you transfer them from your stencil to your garment. The transfer tape roll is by far your best reorder value!

Purchase: Roll 19.7”x 32.8 ft. - $24.99 - GR-Transtape
Purchase: 7 sheets of 8.5"x11" - $9.99 - Silh-rhine-trans

Rhinestone Cover Sheet

Use this heat conductive cover sheet to get a more uniform pressure when doing different size stones beside each other. The Rhinestone cover sheet will make the pressure on the smaller stones more uniform. Without uniform pressure the smaller stones may not adhere to the garment.

Purchase: One 12" x 12" sheet - $12.50 - SF-1212

Rhinestone Backing Board

The weeded rhinestone stencil is placed on the backing board, to create a rigid surface for the rhinestones to fall into the cut template. The above transfer tape is applied to your rhinestone design to lift the entire rhinestone pattern for transfer to your garment.

Purchase: Backing Board 10 - 8.5” x 11” - $6.99 - GR-RHINEBOARD-10

Cordless Heat-Setting Tool

Use this for occasional spot work or entire designs. It’s an efficient tool.
Requires 3-AA batteries

Purchase - $18.95

Needle Nose Tweezers

Needle Nose Tweezers – GAP-TW-PX1

Easily pick up any size stone with these needle nose tweezers- comes with a storage tube.

Purchase - $5.05

GEM-TAC Embellishing glue

Used for touch up work, repairs and just about any surface that heat cannot be used to afix Rhinestones.

Purchase - $5.49

Click for larger picture

Alpha Rhinestone Sample Card

Take the guesswork out of color selection and increase your sales opportunities with the Alpha Rhinestone Sample Card. Each card contains a 6ss-20ss size chart and all 30 colors of our first-quality Korean Rhinestones. The color samples are size 20ss so that your customers can easily see the brilliance and color of their selection.

Purchase - $9.95

Rhinestone Shirt Pack for Samples

This pack is the same 12 Gildan Ultra Cotton large shirts that are included with our Rhinestone BIZ Deal packs. It is only offered as a convenience to you, in case you want some more shirts to make samples. We are not a T-shirt dealer. For that reason, no substitutions are allowed.

Each pack contains 2 each of large white, royal blue, red, ice gray, purple and black.

Call Us - 12 assorted T-shirts - $42

Rhinestone Teflon Insert Sheet

This item is one of those things that is not critical but maybe is better to have and not need it, than it is to need it and not have it. If you put too much pressure on your rhinestones, the glue can go through the front of your shirt and stick to the back. Getting the two sides apart is no fun.

Call Us - 9x12 - $10
Call Us - 10x14 - $12

  T-Shirt Rhinestone BIZ Deals

Revised: September 22, 2014

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